But my dog won't sit still!

hold my doggie treat! 

they say don’t work with kids and animals 

Rest assured, we're here to support you every step of the way.
 I can promise you, we will get your dog to sit still long enough for incredible photos! 
Your experience with us will be nothing short of exceptional

I won't beat around the bush – you've stumbled upon a photographer deeply committed to bringing your visions to life. I approach my work with utmost seriousness.
As a boutique photographer, together, we craft moments that will grace your walls and bring smiles not just today, but for the next 20, 30, or even 40 years – memories your kids might even squabble over someday!

To kick off our journey together, I highly recommend you and your furry friend pay a visit to my studio. It's a chance for us to indulge in some "sniff and greet" – after all, that's what dogs do before stepping into their trust and play zone!

This initial meeting is a quick 30-minute (though it might stretch if we get chatting!) relaxed chat. We discuss your ideas, your dog's personality, and the most suitable session for them. We also delve into what kind of products you'd like to showcase these "furever" memories, whether it's boxed canvas, metal, wood, frameless prints, or a beautiful timber-framed box for your coffee table – the choice is yours!
This pre-shoot chat is pivotal for setting the tone of the session. Without this initial connection, the shoot might not proceed as smoothly as we'd like. As a bonus, you might even leave with a fun studio shoot and a digital file – all complimentary! (And if you're too far away, a Zoom call works just fine!)

Who doesn't love a good, solid questionnaire? I know I do – I'm all about organization!

Once we've confirmed your session date, I'll send you a questionnaire to complete. It delves into questions like:
* "Tell me why you want to immortalize your HEART DOG's story in beautiful portraits?"
* "Share your dream session for your doggo – what activities or games do you both adore?"
* "Is your dog talented or incredibly well-trained?"
Alongside these, we'll touch on various aspects to ensure your photography experience is nothing short of exceptional – clothing choices, color preferences, the "to bow tie or not to bow tie" dilemma, beach or bush settings, the presence of siblings, and, of course, the finished products you envision.
Within this questionnaire, there's a special question: "Which local rescue organization would you like Heart Dogs to donate $20 from your session to?" That's right, for every session we book and complete, $20 will be donated to a local rescue of YOUR choice! It's heartwarming to know that, while creating memories of your “Heart Dog”, you're also contributing to those still seeking their forever homes.

Today marks the day we've all been waiting for! 

Depending on the time and location of your shoot, we'll greet each other with either the "I just woke up" look during a sunrise session or the "bouncing off the walls" energy in an afternoon session.

Regardless of the hour, I'm always ready to chat and shower your fur baby with love!

By this point, I'll have thoroughly absorbed your questionnaire, and I might even throw in a few more questions to ensure I understand your vision. But here's the magic – no matter how meticulously we've planned, the session ultimately unfolds according to your furry companion's whims! And honestly, that's where the true enchantment lies!

We plan, we consider every detail, and yes, we might even say a little prayer (or have a chuckle)! But it's your fur babies who'll guide us – they decide where we go and what we capture on the day. The energy you and your dog(s) bring to the session will bestow upon us a delightful, unexpected level of "OMG!" – because this is THEIR moment to shine!

Picture this – the most exquisite, first-class movie experience you've ever had! This is where we come face to face with the fully edited images we've worked tirelessly to create. Together, we'll choose which of these images will be transformed into tangible prints.

All of this can be accomplished either online or in person at our Belmont Studio. This is the day when you make your selections, place your orders, and complete your payment for the breathtaking finished products.

Approximately three weeks after your premiere, the moment we've all been eagerly anticipating finally arrives – your exquisite products are ready for pickup at the studio. This is when excitement reaches its peak, and there may even be a few tears shed as you behold your beloved pets immortalized in quality prints, ready to grace your home and be admired by all.

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